Looking for talent

The fastest growing companies.
High-performing talents.

We know about chemistry.

Looking for talent

Why Growara? We scale up your team with trusted relationships.

Time to hire

We’ll introduce you to top talent in less than two weeks, and help you get them onboarding in less than eight.

Restitution guarantee

If the parts don’t fit, we take care of everything. We will find you the talent you need at no extra cost.

Low Succes Fee

Under-promise, Over-deliver. We have startup DNA, so do our prices. We want to help you grow sustainably.

Top Talent DataBase

More than 30,000 qualified profiles in our database, all interested in new challenges within innovative companies.


Our Talent Magnet Process

Inbound Recruitment

With our inbound marketing approach to recruiting, companies can connect with passive and active job seekers, engage with their network, and delight candidates throughout the application process.

Content Creation: Are you telling your employer brand story?

Lifecycle Marketing: We think like a marketer to nurture relationships and stay in touch over time

Multi-Channel: Meet them where they are by taking your employer brand to them

Culture-Drive: Your company culture it should be the true north of your inbound efforts.

Data Freaks

An approach focused on utilizing the combination of HR analytics and strategic workforce planning

Increase Quality of Hire.

Improve the Candidate Experience.

Embed Diversity into Recruiting Process.

Deliver On recruiting capacity.


Modern Talent Acquisition should be about Talent Engagement and approaching modern talent on their own terms, giving them the experiences they expect, at the right time and in the right place.

We Build your employer brand

We empower our community through career coaching

We work hand by hand with entrepreneurs, incubators, accelerators, and VC´s

Referral Connections

We already think of our people as differentiators compared to our competition.

Trusted commitment building long-term careers.

Transparent information about the job offer

Feedback about the status of your referral.

Recognition with 300€ for Hiring your referral.

We are innovation geeks.

But we work as artisans
in these areas.



Customer Support





Business Development



Management & C-Level

Project Management



We love disruption.

Our success fee too.


15% AGS

Annual Base Salary

It is a percentage of the Annual Gross Salary that will be offered to the candidate. For example: 24,000€ / year would be a commission of 2,400€. (Without taxes)


We only charge a fee upon a successful placement. This fee is a percentage of the Annual Gross Salary of the employee at the time of hiring.

Custom Budget

Annual Base Salary

For companies that want to scale their teams in more than 20 positions we make a special price with an outsourcing service


For companies that want to scale their teams in more than 20 positions we make a special price with an outsourcing service

We adapt to your needs. Contact us!

Not looking for a job?
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At Growara we offer a range of services specialising in HR and talent, whatever your needs!

Hiring founding teams

HR Due Dilligence for M&A

Talent Market Research – Expansion