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This strong Scale-up takes 10 years making Streamers, content creators or users can modulate their audio and voice in real time. Over three million users in over 200 countries for this leading audio technology company based in Valencia.

PC Componentes

Online computer and new technology store with over 8 years of experience, always providing the best possible price and service. They have a wide portfolio of clients throughout Spain and Portugal, and an infrastructure capable of handling thousands of orders daily.


Seedtag is the leading contextual advertising company in Europe and LATAM. With their AI technology based on Machine Learning algorithms, they power the most relevant and engaging communications in a privacy-first world through Contextual Advertising.


Add to your eCommerce a smart site search that helps you sell more in 5 minutes and without coding.


The reference platform in the segment of deferred payments and flexible financing in Spain. 

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Personalized workshops to shake up and amaze your teams.

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We like companies that defy the establishment. We are committed to innovation and technology.


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We embrace change through Agile methodologies in our organisational design concept.



We rely on data. We improve personnel decisions through People Analytics.


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Our people are our soul. Say bye to spammy recruiters.

It’s not about having one more employee.
It’s about falling in love. We believe in creating a different experience.

It’s not about recruiting.

It’s about attraction.


Inbound Recruitment

Different strategy for each talent target. Personalized candidate experience designed by our Talent Advocates


Data Freaks

We dive into our pipeline as data scientists, but we work with our talent as artisans


Ecosystem Network

We have refined our own approach to mining networks for the best possible people.


Referrals Maniacs

Referred talent is quicker to hire, performs better, and stays longer. Our thriving referral program can transform your startup.

They’re not clients.

They’re our family.