4 Day Week

We help you make the 4-day work week
a reality.

It’s not working less, it’s working better.

100 years of 40 hours a week is reason enough for a change.

Operations & Workflows

We analyze the interaction and dependencies between different areas of the company. We map all the essential workflows for the business and question those that we can improve or eliminate directly. We created a “toolbox” with a set of digital tools that allow the automation of certain aspects of the activity that do not generate value.


We attack communication from a double prism, externally and internally. Externally, we focus on planning and standardizing communication with clients and stakeholders. Internally, we created a Playbook with all kinds of guides from scratch, after analyzing in detail all communication channels (mail, internal chats, etc.), calendars, agendas, their nature of use and their possible optimization.

Legal & Admin

We review that the entire change process occurs in an administratively coherent manner and that all aspects to be taken into account are legally complied with.

Mindset & Leadership

Trainings on the mentality of change that must be provoked. We work together on the “purpose” of change and why. Leadership roles have an essential driving force for change and they are trained to do so in our workshops. We approach it with a different mindset: do more with less.

Business Acumen

We delve into all business areas, determining what their strategic priorities are and what they really need. This allows us to create their OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) with them and align the company. This way we will be able to make better decisions when it comes to prioritizing what to focus on and what we do without.

People & Culture

Together we identify which cultural processes are at risk, which ones we want to strengthen and which new opportunities for cultural change are presented to create a culture that combines well-being and high performance. We created the figure of Change Ambassadors that reduces friction to cultural change.

4 reasons that will make you want

the 4 day work week.


Happier teams

The 4-day work week allows workers more free time to enjoy their hobbies, spend time with family and friends, or simply rest and recharge. This translates into a higher level of job satisfaction and happiness, which in turn improves performance and productivity by reducing stress and preventing job burnout.


A healthier planet

This new model has a positive impact on caring for the environment, not only by promoting a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle, but is also crucial in the responsible management of finite energy resources and their footprint on ecosystems. By having an additional day off per week, we reduce the use of vehicles to commute to the workplace, which contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving air quality in cities and mobility within them . In addition, it allows companies to reduce their consumption of energy and resources such as electricity and water, and materials such as plastic or paper, by not having to keep buildings and equipment running throughout the week.


More DEI

One of the lesser-known benefits of the 4-day work week is its impact on diversity and inclusion at companies. On many occasions, people who have family or personal responsibilities may feel excluded from the world of work due to the demands of the traditional 5-day workday. The 4-day working day can be an opportunity for these people to integrate into the market and develop their skills and talents in a fairer way.


Most loyal talent

We give our team access to the most precious asset: time. More free time and flexibility improves their quality of life and job satisfaction, which reduces the turnover rate and naturally and organically increases not only their loyalty to the project, but also the attraction of the best talent. We build an employer brand based on excellence by really improving the lives of our people.

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We help you make the 4-day work week a reality.