Legal terms

Our legal commitment to do things right

15 AUGUST 2020


1.1. The following notice and legal information (referred to below as “the Legal Notice”) regulates the use of the service of the website (hereinafter “the Website”) whereby
Growara Talent Agency S.L. (hereinafter “GROWARA”) enables internet users to access.
1.2. The website is owned by GROWARA with its place of business on Avenida Pérez Galdós, número 13, planta 3, Puerta7, with the fiscal identification number CIF B01896489 and registered in the Commercial Registry of Valencia, hoja V-194499 tomo 10874 Folio 103
1.3. In order to communicate with the Company, you can reach GROWARA at the following email address:


2.1. The utilisation of the Website attributes the condition of the user to the Website (hereinafter the “User”) and implies the full and unreserved acceptance of each and every one of the provisions included in this Legal Notice in the version published by GROWARA at the moment that the user accesses the Website. Consequently, the User must carefully read this Legal Notice on each of the occasions in which it intends to use the website, as it may be modified.
2.2. GROWARA reserves the right to periodically modify the conditions of use of the Website, so that the user is obliged to periodically review these terms.
2.3. The general conditions of use, do not exclude the possibility that certain services on the Website, or their characteristics, are subject also to special conditions of use, which, in any case, may be consulted by the user before activation.


3.1. The website aims to inform the User of the said Website, of the services offered by GROWARA, especially, as a Jobs Board.
3.2. GROWARA may, depending on the development and evolution of its products and services, expand or modify its website, including or substituting new services, activities, or content.

4. USE

4.1. Condition, quality, and user concept
4.1.1. A User is intended to be any person of legal age to access the website for any purpose.
4.1.2. Access to the website is for the sole purpose of consulting, searching or displaying information, no previous registration shall be required, expressed or accepted as a registered user of the website nor personal information submitted.
4.2. Diligent Use of the Website
4.2.1. You acknowledge and agree that use of the content and / or services offered by the website will be at your sole risk and / or responsibility.
4.2.2. You agree to use the website and the services offered by GROWARA in accordance with the provisions of this legal notice and to use the services appropriately and / or the content of this website and not to use it to perform illegal activities or crime, violating the rights of others and / or violating the regulations on intellectual property, or any other applicable legal standards 4.2.3. The user commits not to introduce or spread a virus on website or its systems capable of causing harmful damage to GROWARA computer systems and its users, and not to introduce links to improve access to the site without permission from the owner, in cases where the authorization nee ded.
4.2.4. The User agrees and commits not to take any action to impair the reputation of GROWARA or third parties.


5.1. Proper operation and continuous availability
The conditions set out in this text do not apply to customers who sign-up for GROWARA services. This relationship shall be governed by the general and special conditions agreed in each case between GROWARA and CLIENT. GROWARA is not liable to USER for the malfunction of the website, nor for the interruption, delay, slowness, loss or disconnections in communications and the transmission of messages. GROWARA does not guarantee and is not responsible for the continuous, constant, and uninterrupted operation of the portal.
5.2. Liability of the User
Notwithstanding the effort GROWARA has put in to implement the highest technological quality standards, GROWARA is not responsible, directly or indirectly, for damages of any kind caused to the user as a result of the presence of viruses or other elements in the content and website services that may alter the user’s computer system. Nor will it be liable for damages and losses caused by the user for access errors and mistakes in the access, in the connections, transmissions, or interruptions without just cause of the service, for intrusions, computer viruses, third parties mass advertising mailings or where those causes are due to situations outside the site, such as defects in the user’s computer, deficiency in its connection, internal virus on the user’s computer,
communications problems on behalf of the user’s phone operator, or when due to force majeure.
5.3 Exclusion of Liability for Third Party Links.
GROWARA will not be liable, directly or indirectly, for damages of any kind caused to the user as a result of its connection to other pages and websites published on the website as links (“links”), since it does not have the capacity to control or supervise the content of these external websites. You assume your own risk for damages you may suffer as a result of the connection and utilization of such portals.
5.4 Third Party Liability
5.4.1. GROWARA is not liable for acts performed by third parties outside the system, which includes breaking the security measures, carrying out acts against users such as sending computer viruses, mass advertising or spam, commercial emails, interruption of service and access to messages.
5.4.2. GROWARA commits to adopt appropriate technical, organizational and legal security for communication as required by law. Notwithstanding the foregoing, GROWARA cannot ensure or guarantee this and therefore does not have any liability associated with any breach of its security or communications by a third party in bad faith.
5.4.3. GROWARA is not liable for any damage caused by acts of God, or by inadequate performance of the Website or its services for reasons beyond its jurisdiction. This may include the following non-exhaustive list: malfunction of internet operators, incorrect user computer configuration or insufficient capacity of the computer system to support the content and extent of the information displayed on the portal.


6.1. GROWARA owns the intellectual and industrial property rights or has obtained relevant permits or licenses for the utilization of its domain name, trademarks and logos, application, information and other works and creations related to the website and the technology associated
with it, as well as its content.
6.2. The contents of this website, including designs, applications, text, images and source code (collectively referred to as the “Content”) are protected by intellectual and industrial property rights.
6.3. In no way may this Content be used, reproduced, copied or transmitted in any form without prior written and explicit consent of GROWARA.


All users agree to comply with the Privacy Policy of this website.

Julio Braceli, CEO Growara