Our process

Our way of doing things.
Always thinking about the customer.

Talent Value Proposition

We help companies to define a strong TVP.
We help startups to become a Talent Magnet.

Work Environment

Creativity and innovation grow the business, so a stimulating workspace is crucial.


We help startups to define unique perks and useful benefits. Strategy to stand out in a crowded job market.

Career Path

Startups are a tremendous amount of work, with constant change and little structure. Fast progression comes to those who have a plan.


Culture wasn’t built in a day. We know Nerf guns, LAN parties and beer o’clock Fridays don’t define culture.


There is no one-size-fits-all here. We balance three components: benefits, salary and equity.

Purpose & Management

What makes a company purpose-driven? Putting purpose at the heart of the business helps guide your decisions, ensuring authenticity.

Talent Magnet Process


Inbound Recruitment

Our inbound recruiting strategy is a mashup of employer branding and content marketing strategies. It involves the creation of engaging content targeted toward potential, current, and future candidates. The ultimate goal is to increase employer brand recognition while providing useful and persuasive content to either: a) teach about the candidates’ field or b) reflect a positive perception of your company as an employer.


Data Freak

Over the past 100 years, Human Resource Management has changed. It has moved from an operational discipline towards a more strategic discipline. Our data-driven approach, that characterizes HR analytics, is in line with this development. By using our people analytics framework, you don’t have to rely on gut feeling anymore. rowara Analytics enables HR professionals to make data-driven decisions


Ecosystem Network

Our entrepreneurial ecosystem is a clustering of interconnected individuals, organisations and bodies that facilitates and supports entrepreneurial activity. This ecosystem provides startup businesses with resources within an open, inclusive culture that has supportive policies and leadership.


Rererrals Maniacs

99% of the time your best hires will come from your staff’s combined network, you might already know that. But do you know how to go about mining that network so methodically that you get the most out of it? Let us help you.

They talk about us

We build the first HR System for fast growing startups.

The Swiss army knife of startup HR

We have the HR service you need and if not… We´ll create it for you!

We analyse your needs and set up the perfect solution for you.

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