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FAQs Hiring – Looking For Talent

What sets you apart from other headhunters or recruiters?

We specialise in start-ups, scale-ups and technology companies, although we work with SMEs and the corporate sector as well. We are driven by our obsession with building the best long-term careers in leading digital companies, connecting top talent with incredible projects, but above all always guaranteeing a unique experience for our candidates. Taking care of every detail with the precision of an artisan, we have refined our selection processes to the maximum, adapting them to this ecosystem and ensuring a valuable developmental experience for the talent that trusts in us. Our team plays the role of “talent advocate” – someone who accompanies you even when you are not engaged in a particular process, advising you and helping you to design a strategy to get the job you want, with a long-term outlook. The loyalty of more than 15,000 growers that make up our family today is testament to the success of our approach. We don’t ‘go hunting’ looking for just any programming language: we take care of our people and create experiences on your behalf that improve your candidate experience.

What do we need to do in order for you to help us find talent?

Simple! Just click on the ‘Hire top talent’ button and schedule a video call for when it suits you best. We can have a virtual or face-to-face meeting as you prefer, during which we can tell you in detail about our talent attraction system. Our commissions are paid on a success-only basis, so you won’t pay anything until your ideal talent has said “I do.” At a bureaucratic level, we are very efficient – we only send you two documents after our initial chat. The collaboration agreement, which is very simple and avoids convoluted legal clauses, and the “Pulse Taking”, which gathers all the information we need not only to provide your candidates with an exceptional hiring process but also for us to be ambassadors of your employer brand.

What does Growara need from the company?

A great desire for transparency. We do not accept blind selection processes, or those that do not provide salary or other fundamental information. We do not accept selection processes that are not accompanied by a career plan or that lack a clear work plan for the talent that we are going to incorporate. In short, we are not a quick fix solution nor a temporary agency. That is not our way of working and it is also why we do not accept selection processes for companies in which we would not work ourselves.

What does it mean that you charge “on success”?

It means that Growara only charges if we succeed in you incorporating the talent you were looking for. No hidden commissions, or paying upfront at the beginning of the process. We only charge if we achieve a match between talent and company.

And how much do you charge for your service?

If you entrust us exclusively with your selection process (i.e. no competition with other agencies for 8 weeks during which we are the only ones hunting for your talent) then we will charge 10% of the candidate’s gross annual salary. For example, if the candidate closes an agreement for €35,000 gross per year with your company, Growara will charge a commission of €3,500 for this selection process.
In the event that you decide to assign your selection process to several agencies including Growara, our commission will be 15% of the candidate’s gross annual salary.
It is important to note that we calculate our commission based on gross annual salary only, without taking into account other variables or possible bonuses. We do not charge anything on such variables.

And does exclusivity mean that as a company we cannot look independently for the talent that we need?

Not at all. Of course you can look for the talent you need, we represent an additional reinforcement for you, as part of your attraction and selection team.
After the 8 week exclusivity period, do you raise the commission?
Not at all, the exclusivity agreement only commits you to leaving the selection process in our hands for 8 weeks. This guarantees you that our commission will be only 10% of the gross annual salary.
If those 8 weeks pass without us managing to find the talent you seek, you can contract further recruitment agencies and we will continue to maintain commission at 10%, not increasing to 15% under any circumstances.

How long does it take you to find the talent I need?

Our Time-to-Fill in 2020 is less than 60 days. This is the time from when we publish the offer until the candidate accepts your hiring proposal. However, we do not want to sell you hot air! This time frame depends on many variables which we will advise you on (market salary, career plan, technological challenge, functions of the position, accompanying team etc…). All of these combine to influence the length of any one particular selection process. Our role as talent advocates is to advise you so that your
Time-to-Fill can be as short as possible.

What is Growara’s working methodology?

We learn in detail about your company, its next challenges, the particular role of the position to be filled and all else that is pertinent.
We will talk about all the tests and interviews that you plan to carry out as part of your process in order to generate the best possible experience and guarantee as far as possible that we get everything right for you.
We will give you a weekly update with detailed information as to the evolution of the selection process.
You will have an assigned talent advocate whose responsibility it will be to know your company in depth. Our aim is that you feel this expert becomes part of your team.
We will give you feedback on the main difficulties that arise along with proposals to overcome them.

FAQs Hiring – Looking For Job

How can you help me find the next challenge in my career?

If you want us to help you find a challenge appropriate to your level, let us get to know you. Register with Growara and tell us everything about yourself that you consider relevant to us helping you in your next big jump. At Growara, every week there are selection processes for start-ups and new corporate entities. We would love to know exactly what you are looking for and what you can offer to those companies that appeal to you the most.

Do I have anything to pay if you help me change jobs?

Zero. We do not charge anything either for holding your profile or for taking you into
account in any selection processes that represent a good fit for you. Our goal is that of
building careers, not simply filling positions to get things done. We will only contact
you with personalised offers based on your profile, and we will not spam you
impersonally with long, boring texts that are evidently the work of copy / paste and
make you run a mile.

Is it confidential or is there any risk of my company finding out that I want to move?

Everything is completely confidential. Under no circumstances would we wish to put you in a difficult situation. At Growara, our professionals have more than 10 years’ experience in the sector and are perfectly aware of the implications that failure in this regard can have. Our Growers come first. You can also request that we erase your data at any time and we will do so in less than 24 hours.

What jobs do you offer?

90% of our jobs are with companies that have a high technological component, start-ups, and companies undergoing significant scale-up processes. We do not accept any selection process that does not allow us to communicate the salary. We do not accept any selection process without meeting to discuss issues such as career plan, technological challenge, corporate benefits, functions of the position, evolution of the position – in short, everything that may interest you and that we consider it fair to know as part of a mutual selection process between company and candidate.

FAQs Tech Coaches

What are Tech Coaches?

Our Tech Coaches are people we admire within the IT sector – friends we consider to be a point of reference, not only because of their technical abilities, but also because of their concerns and knowledge regarding talent management and their incredible human warmth. If you have an IT profile, they can give you a second opinion on any topic related to managing your career. From salary issues to technology choices, taking a job abroad or doubts about team management.

How can I use the Tech Coach advisory service?

Click on the “contact your Tech Coach” button. You will be able to register with Growara and write to us with your question. One of our talent coaches will answer it for you, at no cost, in less than 48 hours.

FAQs Consulting – HR as a Service

What does ‘HR as a Service’ lnvolve?

We have designed this flat-rate service for those start-ups and small companies that need help to resolve doubts and develop the human resources policies they will implement, but that don’t wish to take on the salary cost of an HR Manager or the abusive rates of generalist agencies.
With this service, Growara represents the first outsourced human resources solution for start-ups. We are your human resources team providing a comprehensive service including all the essentials for an unbeatable price. Growara can help start-ups and small businesses with contract resolutions, mediation of employee disputes, compliance with local and national labour regulations and general human resources assistance (from employee manuals to regulation of collective agreements).

Where do we get started with this service?

Growara believes that all entrepreneurs should have access to a real human resources support infrastructure at a price that is lower than that of a software license. This is how our service works:
Call us and tell us a little about your business. We will do an in-depth diagnosis to determine what needs to be updated and make sure you are up to speed with local and national regulations. This audit will allow us to identify the different areas in which you need help and their degree of priority.
Once our team identifies the trouble spots, we’ll give your start-up the Growara treatment. You will receive a video call from one of our human resources experts, who will review your information and create a personalised plan for accelerating your strategy. We will resolve urgent issues first, and then take steps to ensure greater protection against any potential risks.
Our team will guide you every step of the way and answer every question to make sure you’re covered. If, for example, you need to fire an employee, we will explain the risks of doing so and help you do it correctly. And, once you join Growara, we’ll be available for any future HR needs, for as long as you are subscribed to HR as a Service’s flat rate plan.

How much does HR as a Service cost?

A full-time HR department can cost more than €7,000 per month, and even external consultants can charge you more than €3,000 per month. Growara has created a monthly membership with a flat fee starting at €99 per month that you can cancel at any time.
Our human resources experts will help you create policies, procedures and documents that meet the specific requirements of your company: on-boarding, performance, and much more.

How can you be so cheap?

We only provide services to companies with less than 100 employees so that our team can provide high quality support. We use state-of-the-art data technology to keep us informed about labour laws and assist in avoiding error. We invest in automation to increase the precision, quality and efficiency of all the work we do, allowing us to scale costs.

FAQs Consulting – HR Interim

What is the HR Interim service?

This service is specially designed for those start-ups and companies which need our help in a more intensive way. Growara will send an HR Manager to work in-house with you on those strategic projects that need greater support. These tend to be projects where a few hours of consulting are not sufficient. Rather, the implementation, assessment and improvement of various measures also needs to be accompanied. It is a service that is in particular demand when start-ups do not yet have their own HR department set up but need to fully establish all key people management processes.

What is the price of having someone with me full-time?

Our prices are startup friendly. We will study your company in detail and carry out an initial diagnostic audit so as to define the road map with you and agree on the estimated time frame for each project. Following this, we will provide you with a very economical budget, closely adjusted to your needs, which will be much cheaper than hiring an experienced HR Manager in such an initial phase of business.

FAQs Consulting – HR On Demand

What is the HR On Demand service?

This service is especially designed for those start-ups and companies that need help with a specific personnel strategy. The service is designed in such a way for our team to co-create with you and your team a particular project that may consist in an employer branding strategy or a career path for the whole team for instance. In short, with the On Demand service, we diagnose, co-create and execute the people management project that is of most concern to you in your organisation.

How is this service structured?

First of all we want to meet you, fall in love with your company and understand it in every detail. We therefore start with a diagnosis at no cost to you. As part of this diagnosis we will give you all the information involving how we see your organisation, your management strategies and Personnel. Later we carry out a workshop to share the results and the main lines of action in a creative way. Several action plans will result from this meeting, each with their individual road map, where we will determine expected output, deadlines, the owners of each process and the deployment strategy.
We will accompany you at all times, and together we will design the management model that best accompanies your culture, your processes and your purpose as a company.

How long does the service last?

Like all our services, it is totally flexible in terms of both duration and intensity of resources used by Growara. You don’t need to worry that one week you may need 25 hours of Growara support but the following only two: we work with start-ups because we were born to serve you, and we adapt to all the changes that may arise regarding your needs. We are your trusted people partner, and we will only stay with you if we are able to add real value.

We have the consulting you need and if not… We’ll make it for you!
We analyze your needs and set up the perfect consulting for you.

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