HR as a Service

Your HR Manager
for 99€/month

HR policy shouldn’t be left to Google

Growara gives you a dedicated HR manager who helps you
to craft HR policy and maintain compliance

HR Policy & Procedures

We’ll work with you to craft your internal HR policies that fit the way you run your business.

Coaching & Guidance

Full remote HR support, available to help by phone, email, or chat. Consider us an extension of your team.

Complete compliance

Our powerful team lets you onboard, terminate, and take corrective action easily and securely.

Compensation compliance

Growara ensures your business complies with nuanced wage and hour regulations.

Unemployment Claims

Do you have an unemployment claim being filed against you? We’ll manage it for you so you get the best deal possible.

Review Internal Documents

Already have HR documents at your company? We’ll review them and suggest changes to complete compliance.

What do you need?
If it’s about HR, we have the answer.

Employment Agreement

Independent Contractor Agreement

Discrimination & Harassment Policy

Notice To Employee

Meal & Break Policy

PTO Policy

Remote Work Policy

Sick Leave Policy

Non-Compete Agreement

Social Media Policy

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Intern Agreement

Dress Policy

Gift Policy

Any questions? Need Help?
Simplify the HR process

What does ‘HR as a Service’ involve?

We have designed this flat-rate service for those start-ups and small companies that need help to resolve doubts and develop the human resources policies they will implement, but that don’t wish to take on the salary cost of an HR Manager or the abusive rates of generalist agencies.
With this service, Growara represents the first outsourced human resources solution for start-ups. We are your human resources team providing a comprehensive service including all the essentials for an unbeatable price. Growara can help start-ups and small businesses with contract resolutions, mediation of employee disputes, compliance with local and national labour regulations and general human resources assistance (from employee manuals to regulation of collective agreements).

Where do we get started with this service?

Growara believes that all entrepreneurs should have access to a real human resources support infrastructure at a price that is lower than that of a software license. This is how our service works:
Call us and tell us a little about your business. We will do an in-depth diagnosis to determine what needs to be updated and make sure you are up to speed with local and national regulations. This audit will allow us to identify the different areas in which you need help and their degree of priority.
Once our team identifies the trouble spots, we’ll give your start-up the Growara treatment. You will receive a video call from one of our human resources experts, who will review your information and create a personalised plan for accelerating your strategy. We will resolve urgent issues first, and then take steps to ensure greater protection against any potential risks.
Our team will guide you every step of the way and answer every question to make sure you’re covered. If, for example, you need to fire an employee, we will explain the risks of doing so and help you do it correctly. And, once you join Growara, we’ll be available for any future HR needs, for as long as you are subscribed to HR as a Service’s flat rate plan.

How much does HR as a Service cost?

A full-time HR department can cost more than €7,000 per month, and even external consultants can charge you more than €3,000 per month. Growara has created a monthly membership with a flat fee starting at €99 per month that you can cancel at any time.
Our human resources experts will help you create policies, procedures and documents that meet the specific requirements of your company: on-boarding, performance, and much more.

How can you be so cheap?

We only provide services to companies with less than 100 employees so that our team can provide high quality support. We use state-of-the-art data technology to keep us informed about labour laws and assist in avoiding error. We invest in automation to increase the precision, quality and efficiency of all the work we do, allowing us to scale costs.

Flat price. No susprise.
Never any hidden fees or extra charges.


49€ /month

HR Manager

1-4 Employees

Plus One-Time Growara in-Depth HR Audit For: $500

99€ /month

HR Manager

5-19 Employees

Plus One-Time Growara in-Depth HR Audit For: $500

399€ /month

HR Director

20-99 Employees

Plus One-Time Growara in-Depth HR Audit For: $1,000

We adapt to your needs. Contact us!

Consulting feedback.
Our family speaks.

Natalia VilloraCEO, Flowww

En ellos tendrás un partner de confianza tanto para repensar tu organización, sumarte a nivel cultural o aportarte talento clave.

Ismael LabradorCEO, Tuvalum

Hablar de Growara es hablar de innovación, compromiso, cercanía y talento, su metodología es igual de efectiva que su implicación.

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